Advancing the
Science of
Skin Rejuvenation

At SkinMedica® we’ve dedicated years of research to formulate advanced skin care products to deliver optimal results for our patients and the physicians who care for them.

Experience The SkinMedica® Difference

See how we leverage your skin’s natural healing properties to enhance the look and feel of your skin.

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Results Rooted in

SkinMedica® uses clinically tested ingredients to formulate advanced skin care products.

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Uncover What
Your Skin Needs

Our skin biologists and formulation scientists are constantly innovating to deliver remarkable results for all skin types.

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The History
of SkinMedica®

We are driven by curiosity, empathy, and a tenacious spirit that inspires us to push the boundaries of what’s considered possible.

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Protection Collection

Protection and rejuvenation for
all skin types.

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Introducing a new chapter in
skin hydration with HA5 TM.

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Pioneering the
Development of
Growth Factors

By Dr. Rahul C. Mehta, PhD

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